Hand and Machine Made Crafts

This is Matt's personal work, inspired by the Pennsylvania Folk Art traditions.

These light catching kitties are made from cellulose acetate, the same material used to make  eye glasses frames. 

Light catching cat art for window sill

Mother's Day Cards

Laser cut Mother's Day cards with a block printed envelope.

Made from stone paper, so they're waterproof and don't tear.

The Knecht Laser Cut Ornament Booth at the Easton Winter Village

The 2021 Laser Cut Ornament Booth at the Easton Winter Village.

The 2022 Winter Village was a great success.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone We will be back next year for sure!

This is one of my favorite things to do. And it's a great opportunity to see all the creative energy in Easton.

-Matt Laska


Laser Cut Ornaments

These laser cut ornaments are inspired by Pennsylvania Folk Art traditions. Wholesale prices are between $3-$5 per ornament.

These ornaments were very popular at the Easton Winter Village. They touched something in people, and I'm so very proud of that.

Christmas ornaments by Pennsylvania artist Matt Laska

The Knecht Footstool

The little stool started as a gift for friends and family who needed a few extra inches when they were tying their shoes.

The Knecht Footstool is a little helper, measuring just 3.5" tall x 7" x 5".

These footstools are made from responsibly harvested Pennsylvania hardwoods.


"May your feet never be too far from your hands."

Thank you for visiting,

Matt Laska

Solid wood footstool by Knecht
Walnut footstool by Knecht