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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your shop and why are you not in Brooklyn anymore?

The shop is in Easton, PA, which is about a 90 minute drive from NYC. I moved the shop for more space and flexibility.

I can hit next day deadlines on small orders in NYC and Philly, with ground shipping.

Request a product/pricing guide

Thank you! We will respond shortly.

How big can you go?

My biggest machine bed is 47" x 35" and can cut up to 1/2" thick in acrylics, mdf and other materials.

But the best use of my services is in the small details, where precision cutting, engraving and repeatability is needed.

Do you do design?

Yes, I do. Additionally, my equipment is excellent for rapid prototyping.

I work in Rhino and Adobe Creative Suite. I have a MA in Exhibit Design and have worked in many capacities in the exhibits and experience industry.

Are you a full service fabricator?

I'm not. I work as a vendor for full service shops, providing the smaller details, like laser cut letters, logos and laser engravings.

If you bring a project that's too big for my shop, I'll recommend a shop who can handle the scope.

Can you cut metal?

No, I can't, but depending on your project I may be able to recommend one of the expert vendors with whom I work. 

I'm always happy to look at any project and recommend the right vendor, if I'm not right for the project.

Can you provide materials?

Yes, and I'll share my vendor information if you want to purchase your own materials.

In general, I stock black, white and clear acrylic (matte and gloss)

MDF and various wood materials.

How much do your services cost?

My dimensional lettering kits are usually between $100 and $500, depending on the size.

For everything else, I can provide clear pricing based on time + materials. My prices are fair, firm and transparent.

What are dimensional lettering kits?

If you need to attach a logo or letters to a wall, I'll provide the laser cut letters, with peel and stick backing (or stand off attachment) with a laser cut  template.

Fabrication shops love this product because it saves their crews time on install and my attention to graphic detail is superb.

Can I visit your shop?

Yes. The first step is to send information about your project. We'll talk or email through it to arrange a shop or virtual visit.

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